10 FAQ about NT 4G

Nepal Telecom has made a soft launch of 4G service in Kathmandu and Pokhara for GSM postpaid users.
After the launch, GSM Post paid users have started subscribing the
service along with the promotional offer. The promotional offer is 4 GB
free data for 4 days, 1 GB per day. Here are some of the Frequency asked
Question about NT 4G that you should know the answer.

When NT 4G be available for Prepaid? Why always NT does not care prepaid subscribers?

As it is a soft launch, Nepal Telecom have provided the service to
Postpaid users only. It is done so as to gradually improve their
network.  Prepaid users are very large in number, compared to postpaid
users. So they might want to make a good network and then only provide
to the subscribers in large. As of now, NT tells that they will launch
the service to Prepaid subscribers on Feb 4, 2017 (Magh 22, 2073). But
it could be available before that.

Availability for CDMA users?

As LTE is the evolution of GSM family, Nepal Telecom is providing the
4G service to GSM prepaid and postpaid (Namaste SIM) users only. Some
of the countries with CDMA service have also provided LTE to CDMA
customers but it is not the case here in Nepal.

How would I know my SIM does not support 4G and need to replace?

you are a postpaid user and have subscribed 4G service by *444#. you
will be notified whether your SIM is USIM and supports 4G. If not, you
will be notified by SMS as “Your sim card needs to be upgrade to USIM.
Please replace your sim card from Nepal telecom Mobile counter. Thank
you, Nepal Telecom”.

I have LTE in the preferred network and phone supports LTE, but still I am not getting 4G service. Why?

Your phone may support LTE but it is not sure that it works with
Nepal Telecom frequency band for LTE which is 1800 MHz. Number wise it
is the band 3 that supports Nepal Telecom 4G. So, Please look for LTE
1800 MHz (Band 3) for compatibility with Nepal Telecom 4G.

My phone supports LTE 1800 MHz and being a post paid user, I also
subscribed 4G data pack by *444# but I am not getting 4G signal?

After Subscription of *444#, you need to put your phone in LTE
preferred mode. You also need to reset your phone, either by Airplane
mode on and off or restarting by switch off and on. It will work after

How would I know the remaining volume of free 1 GB data package per day?

As it is a promotional offer, you will get the usage warning notification after 80 percent and 100 percent of usage.

What happen if I put my phone in LTE mode only?

If you happen to put your phone in LTE mode only from Engineering
mode (not available for some handsets), you will not be able to make or
receive a phone call. All the phone call will be made either from 3G or
2G network.

I have some remaining volume in data package, what will happen if I subscribe 4G LTE?

The remaining volume from data package can still be used from 4G.

What is the tariff of 4G data? Are there any cheap data packages?

Nepal Telecom has just given promotional offer of free 4GB data to
users. The tariff of 4G data without any package is Rs 1 per MB (same as
2G, 3G). All the data packages available with 2G and 3G are also valid
for 4G. They are known to provide more data packages when it is
available to all (Prepaid and postpaid).

What is the speed that I get with NT 4G?

NT tells that the maximum speed available with their 4G is 32.4 Mbps
download and 10 Mbps upload. But you may get data speed in the range of
10 to 15 Mbps download in average. The data speed always depends on your
location (indoor or outdoor), Time of usage and sharing status among
other users. But it is certain that your experience with 4G will be
better than 3G at the same place. We will soon bring the speed test of
4G in Kathmandu. Please stay tuned for that.

 Article  source Nt.net.np

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