Needs To Know How to Use all mobile USSD Code OF Nepali Telecom

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) is a Global System for Mobile(GSM)
communication technology that is used to send text between a mobile
phone and an application program in the network. Applications may
include prepaid roaming or mobile chatting. In this article i will describe some ussd code of Nepali telecom

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GSM-          –            -Global System for Mobile.
USSD-         –            -Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.
CRBT-         –            -Calling Ringback Tune.
SMS-          –            -Short Message Service.
VMS-          –            -Voice Mail Service.
MMS-          –            -Multimedia Message Service.
WAP-          –            -Wireless Application Protocal.
GPRS-         –            -General Packet Radio Service.
Change Security on your mobile phone:
Change PIN1 code:                                            **04*old PIN1*new PIN1*new PIN1#
Change PIN2 code:                                            **04*old PIN2*new PIN2*new PIN2#
Change PUK1 code:                                            **05*old PUK1*new PUK1*new PUK2#
Change PUK2 code:                                            **05*old PUK2*new PUK2*new PUK2#
View Information via USSD in your mobile:
Call divert all voice calls facility:                        *#21#[call]
Caller identity display to your phone:                       *#30#[call]
Your calling identity display to others phone:               *#31#[call]
Call barring facility:                                       *#33# / *#35#[call]
Call divert if out of reach facility:                        *#61#[call]
When you call to other phone display status:                 *#76#[call]works only in some networks
When you call other function display:                       
*#77#[call]works only in some networks USSD Systems used in Nepal
Telecom GSM mobile:
Display Balance and validety date:                           *400#[call]
Recharge balance on your phone:                              *411*13 digit Recharge Number#[call]
Your balance transfer to other phone:                        *422*Security Code*mobile number*Amount in Paisa#[call]
Free SMS Service for NTC users:
In your message box type: hp               Send to: 2122     Destination: Nawa Kantipur.
In your message box type: computerguru     Send to: 7700     Destination: Telemert Nepal.
In your message box type: computerguru     Send to: 8800     Destination: Telemert Nepal.
Free call Service for NTC users:
System Dial: 011616        To: NTC Voice Mail Box.
System Dial: 1414          To: NTC Query Service.
System Dial: 1498          To: NTC Help Line.
System Dial: 198           To: NTC landline fraud maintenance Service.
System Dial: 1650          To: NTC Prepaid Easy Calling Card Service.
System Dail:   To: NTC Toll-Free Query.
System Dial:   To: NTC Toll-Free Edit Admin’s Toll-Free Number.
Dial: 197                  To: Search NTC landline owner’s identity.
Dial: 100                  To: Police Help.
Dial: 101                  To: Fire Brigade.
Dial: 102                  To: Ambulence Service.
Dial: 1111                 To: Public Comments to Nepal Governments’ Ministries Board.
Dial: 1098                 To: Inquery Child Helpline.
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