New CUG pack for Nepal Telecom GSM postpaid corporate users.

Nepal Telecom has released five different plans and pricing (Nrs 400, Nrs 700, Nrs 1000, Nrs 1300 and Nrs 1600) For CUG (closed user group).

With Nrs 400 Package, customer will get 150 Minute Voice call in
company network other than CUG and 300 MB data. Similarly with Nrs 700
package, 300 minute voice call and 800MB data, with Nrs 1000 package,
450 Minute Voice Call and 1500MB data, with Nrs 1300 package, 600 Minute
Voice Call and 2100 MB data and with Nrs 1600 package, 750 Minute Voice
call and 2700MB data. With all package you will be able to enjoy FREE Unlimited Voice Call with group users.

How to take Ntc CUG packs?


Telecom targets the CUG pack for corporate offices through GSM postpaid number only.
The corporate office need to send an official request letter of the CUG packs
for their respective employees to Ntc office. They should take a minimum of 10
corporate users in the CUG scheme. Corporate users can take the CUG
scheme from any Ntc customer centers, i.e. Ntc offices.

minimum of 50 corporate users could take the CUG offer and the call
rate was 50 paisa per minute. The CUG scheme was also lacking data packs
before. The new Ntc CUG pack seems much more efficient for the
corporate users.

Ntc CUG packs Voice call among the corporate group (Per month)   Voice call to any Ntc                                                                   number (per month)      Data package (per       month)
1 Rs 400 unlimited 150 mins 300 MB
2 Rs 700 unlimited 300 mins 800 MB
3 Rs 1000 unlimited 450 mins 1500 MB
4 Rs 1300 unlimited 600 mins 2100 MB
5 Rs 1600 unlimited 750 mins 2700 MB

This package is  targeted to NTC Postpaid Corporate users. Any corporate
user can claim this package if they have at least ten CUG users.
Corporate house can avail this offer from nearest customer care.

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